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Red Ring of Death

Well, that sucks

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Seeing “Portal” wherever I go

I recently went with my wife on a short vacation, and found these lights at the hotel. Even she though they bore an uncanny resemblance to a certain homicidal machine named GLaDOS. What do you think? Search for “Portal 2”

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Some Thoughts on Portal 2

Portal 2 is easily one of my favorite games. I’ve put in many hours, finished the single player, gone back to pick up some more achievements, restarted the single player, and played through about 70% of the co-op mode so … Continue reading

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Did GLaDOS from Portal create the Left 4 Dead infection?

This is based on a fun little comment in “Portal 2”. When you first reunite with GLaDOS, she has plenty of snarky comments, and one of them is something about how after you die, she might take up a hobby, … Continue reading

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Portal 2 is coming…

Portal 2 comes out on Tuesday, so I’m continuing my trend, and updated my Wi-Fi network appropriately: Pre-Order Portal 2 for XBox or PS3 and Get a $20 Credit

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Updated Shop

I just updated the main page of the shop. Added a few items, like the Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year Limited Edition, Last Night On Earth: The Zombie Gameand Zombie Dice. Please support us by visiting our shop … Continue reading

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Plants Vs. Zombies News

How does this image make you feel? If you responded by going “Oh!” then you’ve got the same thought many of us do. Speculation is that there will be an announcement about “Plants Vs. Zombies 2” and what fan of … Continue reading

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