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Book Review – “The Rookie” by Scott Sigler

Perfect for the sports fan and the science fiction fan. The book follows the Galactic Football League, a football league that exists in a time after humans have made contact with several other alien species. Each species is built perfectly … Continue reading

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Your Favorite Unfinished Series

I was having a discussion with someone about sequels to books, and how I usually hate having to wait. In general, this is a good thing; it means that the first book was good enough to leave me wanting that … Continue reading

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What to do while I’m unemployed?

Well, I’m unemployed for a week, so what should I do? Outside some planned appointments, I think I’ll be spending some time writing (when I’m not on the XBox, of course!). I’ve got about a half dozen ideas that need … Continue reading

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Do you break for zombies?

Well, this image set off a bit of a debate today: Someone email this to a few others, and once the topic was broached, the debate started. On one side are the zombie lovers who would “break for zombies”. On … Continue reading

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