“One Buck Zombies” Review

What a week for zombies! “The Walking Dead” novel, the return of the show, and of course the long-awaited all-zombie edition of “One Buck Horror,” “One Buck Zombies”!

One Buck Zombies

Once again, editors Christopher and Kris Hawkins bring you a great collection of clever, original short stories. This edition may be all zombies, but these stories are all very different. As with the best zombie stories, these tales are not just about the zombies, but about the people who are surviving.

“The Best Mother” by James Owens
After a tragic accident, a young boy finds out just how much his mother really loves him. Not a tale of a full scale zombie outbreak, this short gives you a peak into a world where maybe a mother’s love can overcome even the worst situations.

“The Levees of the Styx” by David Dunwoody
When a man meets a young girl during the zombie apocalypse, he has some tough choices to make about survival, but can he? A true character story. It’s easy to follow the hero around when he’s bashing in the brains of the undead, but if you were really there, could you make the hard choices? That’s a question I always love to see explored in the zombie world.

“Little Red Zombie Hood” by Alana I. Capria
This collection of quick snippets combining a classic tale and zombies was fun for me. There are so many different routes you could choose when pitting Red Riding Hood against zombies, and the author hits several of them.

“He Stopped Loving Her Today” by James R. Tuck
One of the most original zombie stories I’ve ever read. Of course everyone knows that the worst thing you can do during the zombie apocalypse is think that love can overcome and of course your wife would never hurt you!! (See The Oatmeal’s classic comic). But what if you didn’t care? What if your love for your now dead spouse was stronger than your will to live in a hell on earth? This story explores this often overlooked side of the zombie apocalypse.

“Mother Sisyphus” by Robert Davies
I have to admit, this was a strange one. I’m still not sure exactly what was going on, but that’s the fun of a short story. You get this quick snippet, and then you get to ponder what has happened. An interesting tale of a zombie who has a special gift, you really need to read this story!

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That’s all of this month! We’ll be back with the next edition of “One Buck Horror”!

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