The life of a zombie fan

Clearly I’m a big fan of zombies. Movies, games, shows, books…you name it. My friends know this and it’s cool. As it turns out a lot of my friends aren’t that into horror movies in general, so I think it’s a bit of a novelty for them that I watch primarily horror movies.
It is nice that they tend to come to me to get my opinion on lots of these related things, but the downside is the assumptions.
I was watching the one of the NFL playoff games with some friends, and one of the guys brought up this new “Warm Bodies” movie. He was surprised I hadn’t heard of it, and figured I would have seen it already. Well, the next day I did catch an ad for it…and I suddenly questioned if my friend hated me. I get that I’m the “zombie guy” among our group, but I do have taste.
Has anyone out there actually seen this movie? It looks like a zombiefied version of Twilight. Ugh.
I may need to find new friends.

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