Review: The Cabin in the Woods

I’ll admit, this is one I’ve been slacking on for a while. I heard lots of good things when it was out in theaters, but finally got around to seeing it. I was trying to decide on something to watch this weekend, and as I scrolled through Amazon ended up finding “The Cabin in the Woods”.
I thought I had heard some spoilers, that there is someone controlling all the horrors happening to the kids out at the cabin. Instead, the movie makes that pretty clear from early on. There is clearly a group working from a bunker somewhere who have some control over the terrible events to come.
I enjoyed the way the movie flowed, looking like a true horror flick while at the cabin, but giving a different feel when the scenes would cut to the bunker. It felt like a slightly different movie, but you could still feel that they were connected.
There are hints to something bigger going on, and I won’t give that away right now, but the movie definitely had one of the most unique twists to it that I’ve seen in a long time. I really enjoyed the subtle clues leading up to the somewhat shocking ending.
I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys the horror genre. The movie sort of pokes fun at some of the stereotypes, but in a way that is still respectful to the genre.

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