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One Buck Horror – Volume 3

One Buck Horror - Volume 3

It’s that time again! Another volume of “One Buck Horror” is out, and it is full of more horrific fun!

The volume starts off with “Helpers” by David Steffen. The story is kind of mysterious and has one of the best twists I’ve ever read in a short story. It honestly comes out of nowhere, and goes in a direction I’ve never heard of before!

“Home” by Augusto Corvalan comes next. The author does a great job of setting up a world scenario that you can envision, without telling you anything about how we got there. What makes this great is that it doesn’t matter. I was enthralled with the story, and just wanted to know where it was going!

Next comes “Child of Dirt” by John F.D. Taff. The story made me think of classics like “Rosemary’s Baby,” with a strange pregnancy that might not be quite what it appears. There are clues, but what could they mean? Read to find out!

“The Catman Blues” by Leisa K. Parker combines two of my favorite things: horror and cats! Of course these aren’t the cute cats that run out of happy or want cheezburgers. Another unique story that often left me wondering what was going on.

Next you get to “Vacation” by J. Tanner, which has to be one of my favorite stories through all three volumes. You follow a young girl who for some reason is tied up on vacation with her family. As she reminisces about past vacations, you start to get a feeling for why she is tied up…

And finally “Off With his Head” by Mark Budman hits you. The opening to this story reminded me of Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”. A man wakes up with a strange change, but what happened? He has to try to find out and get on with his life.

Once again, editors Christopher Hawkins and Kris Hawkins have put together a great volume of short horror stories. Offering their collections for only 99 cents only makes it better. Not only are you getting a great product, you’re getting it at a steal!

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Review of ‘Zee Bee & Bee (AKA Propeller Hats for the Dead)’

“Zee Bee & Bee (A.K.A. Propeller Hats for the Dead)” by David James Keaton

Zee Bee & Bee by David James Keaton

Welcome to the world of the Zombie B&B! What better way for a newlywed couple to spend their honeymoon than by being chased around by a bunch of the undead!

This book was wacky and fun, and once I got a chance to read through it, I couldn’t put it down. Chock full of zombie and pop culture references, you’ll have tons of fun trying to figure out which movies you do or don’t actually know!

So what is “Zee Bee & Bee”? As I alluded before, the story takes place at a small Bed and Breakfast, with a special twist. The guests arrive only to find that the destination has been overrun with the undead. Their goal is to survive the night, to escape the horde that relentlessly follows them.

Told from the point of view of one of the “zombies,” the reader gets an insight into the way the B&B was planned, the various personalities of the zombies, as well as a few hints that maybe there’s a little more going on than initially meets the eye.

One of my favorite aspects of the story (other than the Ben Roethlisberger bashing…what can I say, I’m a Chargers fan) is all the arguments the characters have about zombie movies. I found myself thinking, “Oh, hey, I remember that!” or “Maybe I need to go back and watch that one again!” It made for lots of fun.

The story is fairly short, but the author still managed to build up his characters well. The two Bobbys and their constant arguing, the movie knowledge of Stinky Towel Zombie. Loved it all!

At a super bargain of 99 cents for your Kindle, there is no reason not to go buy this book. You’ll laugh, you’ll remember the rules of surviving the zombie apocalypse, and once or twice you might stop and go, “Wait, the the eff is going on here!?” (trust me, that will happen at least once). But no matter what, you’ll enjoy this.
Go get “Zee Bee & Bee” by David James Keaton at Amazon!

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Review – ‘One Buck Horror: Volume 2’

One Buck Horror

The wait is over! The second volume of “One Buck Horror” is here, and the stories do not disappoint. Once again, all of the stories were creepy, leaving me wanting more (in a good way!), and once again I loved them all.

“What Swims These Waters” is one of those mysterious horror tales. You never really know what is going on or what is causing it. But this wraps you in, so you have to find out what’s happening.

Similarly, “Holes” left me wondering. We got a little sneak peak of the horrors out there, but as in life, we don’t get to know everthing.

“Beastie” was a great tale. Ever wonder what your cat is doing when it’s exploring outside? Once you read this story, you may not want to know. (And kudos to David Bischoff for the Bob Barker-esque endorsement of having your pet fixed!). See the end of this article for a video trailer for “Beastie”.

The next story, “3 Monkeys” might be one of the scariest. Unlike most of the other stories, there is no supernatural or unexplained. The story just deals with the madness of men.

And finally, “The Afterlife of Ellen Easterling” is a unique twist on the afterlife. We’ve all kind of wondered what we would do if we were a ghost, but maybe your priorities wouldn’t be quite the same once you were dead. This story delves into this in a spine-tingling manner!

One Buck Horror: Volume 2

So go check out One Buck Horror: Volume 2 available for Kindle and Nook. Check out their website at for more details! Support these guys and the work they’re doing.

The “Beastie” story trailer

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Review of “One Buck Horror” Volume 1

One Buck Horror

I recently had a chance to read the first volume of “One Buck Horror”. To start, what is “One Buck Horror”? Edited by a husband and wife team in Chicago, “One Buck Horror” is a collection of short horror stories from new and established authors. Released bi-monthly (with plans to go monthly if there is the demand), each volume contains 4-6 stories that are 3,000 words or less. This makes for a quick read of each story. Available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the stories are published digitally and offered for only a dollar!

So volume one. This volume contained five stories, and the best way I can make a comparison is to say that these stories remind me a lot of “The Twilight Zone”. The stories were short, so they progressed quickly, and several of them had a twist at the end, much like the classic TV show. The story build, you get your reveal, and it ends, leaving you wondering what might happen next.

All five stories had an ending that left me knowing that something just wasn’t right in the world of the story, and I was wanting to know what would follow. This wasn’t a hollow feeling, as if the story felt incomplete. At the end of the tale, I felt satisfied. Going back to “The Twilight Zone” comparison, at the end of an episode, I knew that something wasn’t right, but I felt thoroughly entertained by the episode.

The various stories in this volume hit several story areas. You get your monsters (‘Jenny’s House’; ‘The Cornfield’), your paranormal (‘The Last Nephew’), your oddities of the world (‘A Lullaby for Caliban’) and your just plain strange and creepy (‘The Ginger Men’).

I’ve got to say, this first volume was great, and I look forward to the future volume. At only a dollar per issue, there is no reason for you not to be checking this out!

For more information on “One Buck Horror,” including information on how to submit your story for consideration in a future anthology, visit their website at

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Book Review – “The Rookie” by Scott Sigler

Perfect for the sports fan and the science fiction fan. The book follows the Galactic Football League, a football league that exists in a time after humans have made contact with several other alien species. Each species is built perfectly to play a specific position, but the general rules of the game are the same, so if you’re familiar with American football, there’s no need to learn a new game.
One of the subplots is the main character’s struggles with his racism. Like many people in modern day who are raised in a secluded environment and then thrust out into the bigger world, Quentin is raised on a planet that was colonized based on feelings of extreme hatred toward the alien species. When he is thrust into the GFL and has to play with aliens of all species, Quentin has to quickly learn to overcome his preconceived notions.
I’d recommend this for anyone who is a fan of American football (even a casual fan) and science fiction fans!

Get “The Rookie” in our shop by clicking here!

This review is also found at

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Your Favorite Unfinished Series

I was having a discussion with someone about sequels to books, and how I usually hate having to wait. In general, this is a good thing; it means that the first book was good enough to leave me wanting that next book. So I got to thinking, what unfinished series are out there that we’re all really waiting for the next book?
I’m not really counting ongoing series, like Jonathan Maberry’s “Joe Ledger” series of books. While the characters carry on, and there are story lines that carryover, it’s not really a series. I’m thinking of things like “Harry Potter,” where there is a specific story or a specific number of books that are coming.
So without further ado, here are my top series:

1. The Strain – Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro
An ancient vampire has descended on New York, spreading his disease of vampirism. The first two books (“The Strain” and “The Fall”) are out, with the third in the trilogy (“The Night Eternal”) due out this fall.
Check out “The Strain” in our shop:

2. Infected – Scott Sigler
With “Infected” and “Contagious” out, we’re just left waiting for “Pandemic”. After aliens attempt to colonize our planet, who will survive? That’s what we’re left wondering. I believe I saw a tweet from Scott saying that “Pandemic” was scheduled for 2012.
Check out “Infected” in our shop:

3. Lorien Legacies – Pittacus Lore
We’ve got “I am Number Four,” following the tail of a boy who is actually an alien on Earth. His race is being hunted in a specific order, and the first three are dead. “The Power of Six” is due out in the fall, with 4 more to follow. This is going to be a long wait!
Check out “I am Number Four” in our shop:

So what else is there? I know there are lots of other series going on right now, but what are your favorites that you can’t wait for?

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What to do while I’m unemployed?

Well, I’m unemployed for a week, so what should I do? Outside some planned appointments, I think I’ll be spending some time writing (when I’m not on the XBox, of course!). I’ve got about a half dozen ideas that need to be developed, including at least one that’s already written in the context of a bigger story, and just needs to be modified a bit. Ranging from my standard zombies to other types of horror, I think I’ve got a decent range. As I get these ideas down, I’ll make sure to post them for you all!

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Do you break for zombies?

Well, this image set off a bit of a debate today:

I Break For Zombies

Someone email this to a few others, and once the topic was broached, the debate started. On one side are the zombie lovers who would “break for zombies”. On the other side are the hunters, those that would plow right through the zombies.

Which would you do? Do you break for zombies, or do you just run right over them?

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Contest Winners!

A few weeks ago I posted a contest to give away some zombie books I had laying around the house. I had the two books you see below.

And now for the winners…..

Congrats to Renee and Kristian! Renee won “Zombies for Zombies” for her awesome entry that asked for your most creative way to kill a zombie with standard household items. No normal weapons like knives or guns or anything. Here is her entry:

My girls and I are the Zombie Accessory Assassins. When the zombie apocalypse started, we realized EVERYTHING we used to attract guys could be used to kill now said dead guys.
Main artillery:
1. Hot curling iron through the eyes. (The sizzling scorcher.)
2. Metal hair sticks through the ears or eyes. (The death poke.)
3. Can of aerosol hair spray (the world’s already screwed, chill!) + a lighter = Zombie flambe.
4. Stiletto heels through the eyeballs. (Known as the stomp of execution.)

Oh, and if any gorgeous guys ride to our rescue, you can bet we’ll be dressed to kill!

I have to admit, I picked this entry not only for the creativity, but also because she kind of intimidated me!

And Kristian was picked as one of our Twitter entries, and he’ll win “It’s beginning to look a lot like zombies!”

Thanks to everyone who entered and helped spread the word of the contest. The more people who enter each contest makes it easier to do another one in the future!

Congratulations, again, to our winners!

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